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Historically, paper and cardboard have been treated with different types of waxes to give them a finish according to the function they must perform.
If we focus on the sectors dedicated to food products (fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, processed foods...) or cosmetics, this is particularly important.

Normally, all these waxes and adhesives have always been formulated based on paraffins and waxes of mineral origin, always formulated with the addition of specific polymers to fulfill the function for which they have been intended.

However, the imposition of increasingly respectful environmental regulations, as well as the growing environmental awareness, has caused a special interest in the sector towards two fundamental concepts:

  • The absence of mineral oil contents that can be transmitted to the final products ( MOSH / MOAH ).

  • Compostability, that is, the guarantee that, contrary to what happens with mineral derivatives, all containers and packaging treated with this type of wax will be compostable like the leaves of a tree when they fall in nature.

In any case, depending on the needs of each client, we can prepare specific products for each special destination.

Wide range of waxes for waxing paper. In addition to the customizing for each production system and needs, we manufacture them mineral-based and 100% compostable vegetable-based.

We differentiate them by their viscosity (high, medium or low), their resistance to water and/or fat (little, good, excellent) and by the consumption required (low or high).

  • Protection:

    Direct contact with water

  • Direct contact with oils and fats

  • Direct contact with moisture

  • Glow:

    Embellishes a quality packaging.

  • Environment:

    Friendly to the environment.
    Vegetable Based 100%

  • Format:

    We serve in 25kg bags and granulated form.
    In mineral waxes also in boxes and plate form.


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V E G E T A L   B A S E D



Basic offer of waxes

  • Paper:
    • Mineral waxes for food paper treatment.
    • Vegetable waxes for treating food paper, mosh/moah free, compostable, ok-compost and ok-compost home certified.
    • High gloss vegetable or mineral waxes for soaps and special uses.
    • Vegetable waxes for water and oil barrier.
  • Corrugated cardboard:
    • Mineral waxes for the treatment of the liner, protection against humidity.
    • Curtain waxes for impregnating corrugated cardboard and/or cardboard boxes for agriculture.


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