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Sealing Waxes

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To give the bottle both a luxurious touch and an organic image, there is no more convenient solution than using sealing wax.

Bottle sealing waxes are ideal for sealing corks, protecting the contents and giving each bottle an image of quality, tradition and personalization.

Our waxes are specially formulated for application as bottle seals: they are ductile, prevent dripping during application and remain in optimal condition once applied, under a wide range of environmental conditions. Likewise, the sealing is easy to remove and does not crumble, constituting a premium product for sealing bottles.

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The most common application for wax is wine bottles. It is also used for bottles of spirits, vinegar, olive oil, etc.

Our main clients are leading wineries sealing premium, organic and special edition wines.

  • Properties:

    Due to its synthetic resin-based composition, which provides flexibility and adherence, these waxes are characterized by being easily detached when cut with a knife without breaking.

  • Format:

    We serve in 10 kg bags.


Bottle Sealing

The most common application for sealing wax is wine bottles. It is also used for bottles of spirits, vinegar, olive oil, etc. We can produce wax in almost any color in the Pantone range, as well as some metallic colors.

For its application, sealing machines can be used for an optimal, uniform result and an efficient seal.


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